Horse Adoption Rules

At Animal Charities United Inc we have a four step process:

  1. Identify—we look for healthy athletic horses that are sound.
  2. Evaluate—we carefully screen each animal to meet our standards.
  3. Train—over a period of months the horse is thoroughly trained.
  4. Match—we search for the best match for both horse and rider.

At ACU we want to make the adoption process thorough, but not daunting. The safety of rider and horse is foremost in our process. Overly aggressive training can injure and ruin a horse’s future. Trying to ride at a level for which the rider is not ready can lead to serious injury for the rider. If you are interested in our adoption process, please send us a short resume about yourself, your skill level, and most important your plans for the horse. We want the horse to properly housed, properly trained, and properly ridden.