Hi, My name is Cojo

Hi, My name is Cojo

Cojo’s Channel (Pronounced Koho)
2009 Gelding
16.1 hh, Chestnut
Sire: English Channel
Dam: Northwest Storm

Cojo is ACU’s first “Rescue”. His owners spent many tens of thousands of dollars on his purchase and training for the race industry. A minor tendon tear ended his potential race career. The injury has since healed, ultra sounded clean, and does not affect Cojo’s soundness in any way. By accepting Cojo into our program, we were able to avoid the potential difficult financial decisions for the owner.


Cojo is a wonderful horse who would be suited to just about any discipline. Calm, willing, and eager to please are only a few of the many positive attributes that make up Cojo’s personality. Within the first few weeks Cojo is comfortable W/T/C under saddle, has been started over trot poles and small jumps, and is quickly learning the basics of flatwork and dressage. He is safe and sound, and his future as a companion and competition partner is a bright one.

Cojo is currently being “Repurposed”. Follow his progress on this web site. He will be available for adoption following several months of training.