About Animal Charities United

Located in the heart of Bluegrass country, United Animal Charities Inc is a Bourbon County Kentucky based non-profit corporation (501(c)(3) tax exempt application pending). We are dedicated to saving healthy, but unwanted, at risk horses and repurposing them for a future as a sport horse. Our goal is to match the horse with a dedicated, passionate rider.

Each horse we accept is carefully examined to assure that the animal is sound and healthy. The horse receives top quality vet and farrier services and is stabled at our own facility. We have large paddocks with plenty of grazing. Handled and trained on a daily basis, the horse will be prepared for a match with a rider that can expect significant future results.

In general, most of the horse rescue organizations deal with large numbers of horses in various states of health. They are concerned with placing the animal to a good home. We are concentrating on healthy thoroughbred race horses, who become a financial burden on their owners when they don’t win at the track. We believe these horses are athletic and well suited for an active lifestyle with a human partner. The problem is that these horses have not been trained for anything except running fast and turning left. It requires a skilled and patient trainer to prepare them for a life as a “sport” horse.

We are in no rush to adopt out our horses. Patient and careful training is our first responsibility, followed secondly by the matching process.